Examples of Cheryl's Top 10 most common building defects are discussed, and how they lead to moisture accumulation in buildings. 
Learn the history & impacts of moisture on ALL materials, plus fundamentals related to how moisture moves through buildings creating conditions that lead to mold.
Full 60 minute video presentation, recorded live with Q&A.

Plus a PDF of material discussed, with Cheryl's list of 25 building defects. 

with Cheryl Ciecko 
In this webinar you will learn all of the moisture sources that affect buildings, Important fundamentals specific to wood materials, and the ways that water is transported. We cover my top building defects for those looking for moisture producing flaws, with simple solutions to keep in mind for new builds and renovations.
A licensed architect & thought leader sharing solution strategies for professionals, building owners & individuals related to water damage, mold & toxins in buildings which affect health. With 30+ years of knowledge, research & experience, motivated by a personal story of toxin exposure, Cheryl offers proven design, construction & renovation solutions to solve building challenges economically. Based in the Chicago area, she has a B.S. in Architecture with High Honors from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, & Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota. A former Senior Technical Director with the non-profit 'WoodWorks', Cheryl is on the Board of Directors for the Association of Licensed Architects and the architect representative to the American Lumbers Standard Commitee.
Architect | President ALA, AIA, LEED AP
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